ADVTracks is, and will always remain, free of charge. We do not have any paid premium services or accounts, just a free service to all adventurers out there. But if you like our service, feel free to buy us a beer – a link is on the first page.

Our website is a social sharing platform, enabling adventure riders to upload GPX tracks, photos, videos and ride reports, and then share them easily with everyone.

Riders are welcome to browse GPX tracks from all over the world and download them straight to their navigation devices – completely free of charge!

If you are planning a ride, come and browse around for great route ideas, and check out this video review about our platform:


Of course you can! It is an international platform and no matter where you live in the world, ADVTracks is for any ADV rider. We, the founders, are from the European Union and our servers are based here, hence the .eu URL.

Not quite yet, but we are working very hard on it.

  • Browse to a track detail page you like. 
  • At the bottom is a button “Download track as GPX” (Just be sure to be logged into your account).
  • Click this, and the GPX file will be downloaded onto your computer.
  • Once downloaded, you’ll need to plug in your GPS device to your computer, and simply transfer the GPX file to the device.
  • If you have a Garmin, you may need to use Garmin Basecamp or MapSource for a GPX download.

Because ADVTracks is a platform where we share tracks that have already been ridden, it is not suited to creating routes. However, we can recommend Furkot which is an awesome and free trip planner. Another great tool is Kurviger.

  • Routes are created manually using software like the route creation tool and is pre-defined.
  • Tracks are breadcrumb trails, made up of GPS points collected while physically following a trail.

One difference you'll notice is that routes can be edited to add or remove location points, while tracks can be trimmed at the start or finish.

If kilometres are alien to you and you’d rather want to see mileage, simply go to your profile page by clicking on your own photo (when you’re signed in) in the top bar. You’ll see four options at the bottom, select "Profile". Scroll down and you will see a drop-down option called "Units". Here you can select "Imperial" or "Metric". Simply set it to your preference and click "Save Profile".


Our system will accept: TRK, GPX, KML, KMZ. Just drag and drop the file into the "Share a track" window, or search for the file on your computer using our “Browse...” button. If you wish to upload another track type, just let us know!

Sure, open your ride report and select the pen icon. From the edit page, you can edit fields like the track description, track privacy, road types, tags etc. You can also add photos, videos or markers.

Yes you can, and it is quite easy. We are sad that you’ve decided to delete a track, but to do it simply go to the Edit page and click on the red "Delete Track" on the left. Just be aware that once deleted, the track cannot be recovered!

You can decide who can see your track with one of the following options:

  • Everybody can see – it is visible on the public timeline, and also on your profile page;
  • Not visible in timeline - only you can see it on your timeline and profile page, and it is also visible to those who have a link to your track;
  • Only you can see this track – the track will only be visible to you.

Track permission can be changed at any time, in the track edit page.

You can choose who can see you track:

  • Everybody can see - it's visible public on timeline also your profile page;
  • Not visible in timline - it's only visible who have a link to your track, also only you can see it on timeline and your profile page;
  • Only you can see this track - track will be visible only for you.

You can change track permission any time in track edit page.


Our world map allows you to search for potential tracks quickly and easy.

  1. You can either zoom in and out wherever you want with your mouse and scroller.
  2. Where you see a circle with numbers, that is the number of tracks available in that region. Just zoom in to see even more tracks, or click on the number.
  3. Or you can do a search for a specific country.

Other options available are as follows:

This icon with the four arrows will enlarge the map to full screen (i.e. it removes the header), and if you click it again, the header returns.


Easy Zoom In & Zoom Out.



The Search icon opens the search bar. Click on it, and simply enter the country name or area you are looking for.


This little icon, allows you to choose between three options to view your map:


Default – As it is when you first visit the site.

Topo – Topographical view – A representation of the physical features of the world map.

Sat – Sattelite view of earth.


Our world map makes searching for countries a breeze. While you are on the "Map" page, you will see four icons in the top left:

The Search icon/magnifying glass opens the search bar. Click on it, and simply enter the country name or area you are looking for. As you type, potential matches will be shown to you. Click the one you want, and the map will focus in on your preferred area.

To clear the search, click on the small x on the right-hand side of the search bar.

To close the search bar, click on the search icon again.  

When looking at the map of a track, not the global map, you will see this interesting little arrow at the top left. 

This gives you the option to measure the distance between two (or more) points. Simply zoom in on the area of the map where you want to measure. Click on this arrow. (It will turn green). Click with your mouse on the area you want to start measuring from - just check that your pointer change to crosshairs. And then click on the place on the map you want to measure to. You will immediately see a line between the two points, and the distance in a small yellow block, where you clicked.

To add another distance, simply click on the next place. You will see a sticky dotted line following your mouse pointer.

To end the measurement, simply double-click on the last pointer you added.

By clicking on the top left arrow again (currently green), it will reset the measurements and return to normal. Note – your measurements will be lost though, so only do it when you are finished.


If you are new here and want to join us? Awesome! Click on the link "New here? Join Us?". Just a few quick questions we have to ask:

  • Either your name or nickname is welcome - If you're known as Captain Dirt among your friends, by all means – use it here! But just so you know - it cannot be changed later!
  • Email address - just for you to sign up with, we won't spam you. Check our subscription options below.
  • Tell us about yourself - Are you a pro, or a Sunday-Drive fan, part of a club? Give us your short story here.
  • Country - Where are you from?
  • Metric/Imperial - Your preferred measuring system.
  • Gender - You can keep this as "Not specified", or change it to male or female.
  • Email Notifications - By ticking this block, you will receive weekly new and happening developments such as new tracks that have been added, new followers, track changes, comments and modifications.  By unticking this first block, you will sadly no longer receive weekly email updates about all the new activities. By ticking the second block, you will receive the ADVTracks newsletter

If you registered via your social network account and you change your name there, it will change here automatically.

Otherwise it is not possible to change your name or nickname.

If you did not register via your social network account but with our "New User Registration" form, then you simply go to your profile, click on your picture and select a new picture via the browser.

If you did register via your social network profile such as Facebook, G+ or Twitter, your profile picture will change here automatically, when you change it on your social platform.

With two easy-to-use tick-boxes on your profile page, it is a simple process to either subscribe or unsubscribe.

Simply go to your profile page by clicking on your own photo (when you’re signed in) in the top bar. You’ll see four options at the bottom, select "Profile".

Underneath your email address, you will note "Email notifications".

By ticking the first block, you will receive weekly new and happening developments such as new tracks that have been added, new followers, track changes, comments and modifications. By unticking this first block, you will sadly no longer receive weekly email updates about all the new activities.

By ticking the second block, you will receive our monthly website newsletter, a summary of all the great activities here at ADVTracks. By unticking the second block, you will no longer receive our ADVTracks newsletter.

Once you have selected your preferences, remember to click on "Save Profile" at the bottom.

In your profile settings page you can add links to:

  • Your personal webpage or blog;
  • Your personal Facebook profile or Facebook page;
  • Twitter account;
  • YouTube channel;
  • Instagram profile.

To add links, simply go to your personal page; select the "Profile" tab, select "Social networks" on the left, and click on "+ Add social network".

You will be given a dropdown choice of social media platforms, select the one you want, and then paste the full URL, for example: https://www.facebook.com/advtrackseu/

Click on "Save", and add some more!

You can add as many bikes as you wish! To do this you go to your personal page, select the "Profile" tab; select "Bikes" on the left and click on "+ Add Bike".

You will be given dropdown options to select the year, model and Engine size, and add a nice pic to show off your great bike!

This list can be edited at any time, so if you have to delete bikes you can also do that here, by clicking on the trash can on the right-hand side of the bike you wish to delete.

Third party apps

At the moment we are integrated with the Scenic App, and you can also download a GPX track for your GPS Device – See "How do I get rides from ADVTracks onto a GPS device?"

But if you are a keen app developer and want to integrate your app with ADVTracks please let us know! Just contact us via the Feedback button or directly by email.

Scenic App is a navigation tool available on iOS devices. You can send your preferred track to the Scenic App and navigate the track via your Apple device.

You need to create an account with Scenic first, and if you want to know more about the Scenic App, check out their website.

To use it: Find a track that you like. Next to ‘Facebook like’ and ‘Share on Facebook’ is the red Scenic icon and ‘Import to Scenic’. Simply click on this link and follow the instructions via the Scenic App.