Leaving the main boring roads for seeing the real Mongolia. The road to Tsengel is simple and beautiful, stunning views. https://www.facebook.com/101nolimits/videos/1877502725890550/ Fuel can be found in Tsengel. After is around 220 km before next fuel station, 15-20 liters are needed as in some points are "1st gear and full throttle" After Tsengel the fun part, the road easily goes up to the Khovd lake, after it, the road gets wild. I passed through it in 2018 when it was raining a lot in the region (The main southern road in Mongolia was closed as flooded). High fords, some almost 60…

Single Track in Altay

Very famous single track in Altay. The road is almost completely unpaved from Ust Kan. The gps file contains the single track and some dirt road part. The single track is around 20 km. Ther are a couple of big steps, being alone with a big bike is not a good idea. Video of a step: https://www.facebook.com/101nolimits/videos/445480705945647/

First and second day mostly inculde dorty road and abandoned railway tracks, third day for "back to home" asphalt road track. Trip includes for Soviet times military object visit and some place of nature like boulder andpeninsula Kolka. Both places for night were nice with sauna and good apartment for four persons.

Somewhere Else Tomorrow: Daniel Rintz
Gediminas Ci

Traveler, adventurer, and filmmaker Daniel Rintz, author of an award-winning adventure film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”, is back in the director’s chair. Having come home to…

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