Very difficult ride. Starting at black canyon and going over the whites. The typical woodcutter run traverses a steep canyon, this route splits north before the traverse and instead takes extremely steep downhills along the spine of a ridge. Not recommended to run in reverse, not sure its even possible.

A few years ago (2005) I attended a grave ride down in the Dubuque Iowa area. There were some really fun gravel roads and even a few minimum maintenance roads to add to the challenge. I had a great time at the ride and decided to try to put together one of my own. After doing a couple events and a lot of pre-riding, I had a good network of roads mapped out. I had been expanding my range and eventually got down in the Dubuque Iowa area onto some of the roads that were on Mike’s 2005 ride. One…

This loop takes you south of Hwy 22X from the McKenzie / Copperfield area and east to the McKinnon Flats fishing spot. If you like fly fishing this is a popular isolated area. If you just want to ride on the river rock and practice your balance and test your suspension this is also the spot for you. Lots of fast gravel grid roads and lots of level train crossings and hidden intersections so use caution. Otherwise speed is at your discretion as they are little used except by the local inhabitants. The track wanders around the north side of…

The Powder Face Trail loop is a nice loop, about 50% gravel, and big bike friendly. West of Bragg Creek.

Bardenas Reales

Day 6: Bardenas Reales. After a good sleep full of dreams caused by Zovallo and Lavagna (I still have to understand if these were bad or nice dreams), I was feeling ready to dominate the desert. The good, the bad and the ugly, all three characters were inside me this morning. I left Sadaba after a spanish time breakfast (so around 9.30), after 200 meters I was already on gravel roads. I've never seen so straight and flat gravel roads. Even though the beast was not in its completely free environment, it was in its perfect habitat. I had no…

The lost art of navigation
Egle Gerai

There is no doubt that modern technologies make life (and travel!) easier. Adventure riding has been transformed since the dawn of the Internet and satellite…

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