Windsor to Hill End

This is an easily achievable day trip out to Hill End from Sydney. Hill End is the starting point for the Bridle Track. This route is completely doable on all kinds of offroad adventure bikes from WR250's up to BMW 1200GS's

Motocamp to Buzludzha

Daytrip from Motocamp Bulgaria to Buzludzh monument and back via different route. Easy tarmac road. Check video for guide on how to enter the monument

From Dushanbe to Pamir you can choose between South (tarmac) or North (M41) route. As the South route is easy rideable, the North route is more and more free from traffic. Scenery is magnificent though, but care has to be taken as bridges can collapse and landslides are frequent. On this track a single bridge collapsed which forced us to find a detour through the mountains.

From Murghab you can ride a full circle to the Meteor Crater (Sinkhole) and Seasonal Lake. Note: some trails were washed away by floods and technical to cross.

A short daytrip from Tbilisi to the Didgori battle monument. The last 30km to the monument goes over muddy and rocky forest trails, only suited for 4x4 vehicles or ATV and motorcycles. While the monument is great to see, there's a huge statue next to the trails that's not on any maps.

Mad Nomad: "Travelling without a plan means freedom"
Gediminas Ci

The mad nomad is quite interesting. He’s been a waiter, a cook’s assistant, computer programmer, writer, and a sailboat captain during the summers. Elias Vrohidis…

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