Trackas sezono atidarymui. Nerekomenduočiau (bet kas aš toks, kad manęs klausytumėte) važiuoti su softais - yra vieta, kur reikia kirsti geležinkelį, iškart už jos kiek sudetingesnė vieta - krituolių miškas, todėl teks padirbėti sankaba. O jei dar ir po lietaus - šlapia ir slidu.

Maršrutas orientuotas softenduro/ADV mototechnikai, miško keliukai, žvyras, smėlis, pora upelių.

Short ride to Paneveziukas track. Nothing special about the track - fast gravel roads with some corners. Fun if riding fast. Main point is MX track in the end of road. Track is private and owner may occur and ask to pay for riding. Suggest to pay because track is being fixed time to time. I see that there is possibilities to update this gpx in later trip to MX track.

Mašrutas, kurį žino kiekvienas Kauno enduristas. Kaunas, Kleboniškis, Zatyšių karjeras, Jonavas. Yra visko: kalnų, upelių, smėlio.

Almost 1000 km of dirt roads through northern Russia. There are around 160 km of good paved roads included in the track from Kortkeros to Mikun. Then some more kilometres as shown in the pictures. I rode it from South to North. The roads are extremely variate from destroyed paved roads (potholes or pieces of pavement everywhere), sand, mud and gravel. In Karpogory there are guesthouses and hotels.

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