Easy Sunday ride

Scenic route along Stevens Creek reservoir

Travelling from the City of Delhi in India via Manali to Leh, Ladakh. A trip with that tests man and machine.

My friend Dave and I made a run out to Carrizo Plain National Monument in the springtime as a scouting run to see if the super-bloom had started yet. Starting and ending in San Francisco as an overnight ride, there is a lot of somewhat boring slab (highway) to tackle before the roads transition from meh to excellent. Carrizo Plain National Monument is free to enter and camp out at. It's sort of a well-kept secret that's also public knowledge, and can really capture the desert charm you may be after. The roads are generally really easy to navigate, and…

Chatsworth 2 lane loop
Chatsworth 2 lane loop
Hourglass Cycles

Nice & Fun 230 mile loop full of local 2-lanes, twisties, and mountain roads.

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