227 miles across the peninsula of Florida and small portion of Georgia from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. 115 miles of dirt roads in the Osceola National Forest, Goethe State Forest, and Gulf Hammock Wildlife Management Area in addition to numerous farm roads.


Nuo Švencioniu per Turmanta i Daugpili.

Link STRĖVOS užtvankos ir atgal

Lengvas "ratukas" link Strėvos užtvankos ir atgal. Su hardu easy, su softais įdomiau... 🙂


Smagus ratukas važiuojant iš Vilniaus per Vievį iki Ukmergės ir atgalios. Su softais įmanoma, bet ne po vieną - vienoje vietoje saviškį teko lupt iš pelkės... 🙂

Easy dual sport ride in Wharton State Forest

Easy ride through beautiful state forest.

Somewhere Else Tomorrow: Daniel Rintz
Gediminas Ci

Traveler, adventurer, and filmmaker Daniel Rintz, author of an award-winning adventure film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”, is back in the director’s chair. Having come home to…

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