Colorado back country discover route

I got this track of bdr website. They have much more legal off road tracks

Tub Run Bypass
Tub Run Bypass

A bypass track for Tub Run, part of the MABDR

shumaymah offroad - kuwait

great ride over the longest bridge in Kuwait "sheikh jaber al ahmad bridge" from Kuwait city all the way to subiyah, al shumaymah. destination has a great old shelter to keep you warm in winter and out of the rain. Note: one of the pictures that I've posted, there is a graffiti in Arabic saying "Bush", which is written in 1991 when USA decided to help Kuwait and push Iraqi invaders out of Kuwait.

South Carolina Adventure Route

The South Carolina Adventure Route is a combination of two loops forming a 1,000 plus mile route consisting of paved rural two-lane roads and unpaved roads. The unpaved roads consist of rural county roads and forest service roads.