Round the city
Round the city

Rather short evening trip around in the north of Vilnius. Track begins in one of the quiet Vilnius' districts and goes through many small villages (please keep your speed in check) and few forests roads. Along the ride you will meet few beautiful lakes. After first few kilometres, you will find yourself at the top of a huge hill. One might take very steep road down or do what i did - take less steep gravel road across the small forest on the right. Main track finishes at the "Europos parkas" or The Green Lakes. From the I had to…

Graded/RdsTour LTaR
Graded/RdsTour LTaR

I put this together as a gift to the Dual Sport Community. Specifically with the bigger displacement bikes in mind. For the most part, these are Well Maintained Graded Dirt Roads that parallel HWY's that connect small towns across the Mid-South. It's more of a Scenic Dirt Touring Ride than anything else! The focus is on Rural Country Dirt Roads and the FS Dirt Roads in between. I have not ridden it yet! As a community I am asking that we make it a great ride by sharing our discovered information about it. Let me know what you find and…

Tecate to San Ignacio loop

1560 mile loop from Tecate to San Ignacio Baja MX. I rode my DR650 along with three other KLR650. Rode about 60% pavement 40% off road in 8 days.

Pensacola FL to Saint Simons Island GA

This was a 670 mile, two day solo ride from Pensacola west to St Simons Isl GA. 70% pavement 30% off road.

Somewhere Else Tomorrow: Daniel Rintz
Gediminas Ci

Traveler, adventurer, and filmmaker Daniel Rintz, author of an award-winning adventure film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”, is back in the director’s chair. Having come home to…

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