Sunday breakfast with bikers and solo adventure

Just went for breakfast ride with bikers from Road Thrill Bangalore. After that solo adventure. Phone died on one moment, then came back to life. So track is not full, but the best part is perfect. How it looks you can see in this video: Admin, check please glitch which happens after entering youtube wideo address. Message appears "invalid youtube address". I tried full and short and only that particular video part. Doesn't work. I tried to upload on my previeos post, fail.

Timpooneke Road
Timpooneke Road

Nice ride on the shoulder of Mt Timpanogos

My most epic ride of 2018

2 days ride•2 bikers •2 river crossing on the bikes•2 river crossings on the boats + 1 night camping. Just 8 days ago I explored new amazing roads and sights. That day i also fount that boat ferry over Kaveri river. I saw locals crossing on a boat. They had small bikes which in Baltics bikers snobbishcall mopeds. My bike is heavier and by friends bike heavier then mine. But the idea born that i want to cross and go into a wild. So, after 8 days we are there again, crossing river and ..... took "wrong" way which was…