North Hills Happy Hr Blast

Linking some gravel segments found on for a quick after-work burn. Works well to access this stretch from Middle Rd or Guys Run Rd.

Dual Sport Forest Service Rd 95

Medium 6 mile ride on a Georgia clay road (FSR95). It was wet so it was slick. Riding easterly from Hwy 60 you'll have plenty of switch backs and elevation changes. The west end of FSR95 exits on Old Dial Road. Turn north, keep the river on your left and it will take you to the old Iron Bridge on Shallow Ford Road. There's a restaurant that serves a good breakfast.

East Coast 50 mi - Easy

Easy 50 mi ride with only 16 miles of pavement. If you begin the ride from the south you will cross the Max Brewer Mem. Bridge. When crossed look for the entrance to the preserve. It's a hard-packed shell roadway that has numerous twists and turns. When you come to an intersection just keep turning right and it will take you back onto the pavement. If there is a rocket on the pad at the cape this area will be closed. When you exit ride 3 mi east to the check point ($5) and enter Bio Lab Road. Another shell…

Easy 30 mile jeep trail ride

Easy 30 mile ride on dirt roads in the Tosohatchee WMA forest. There are 2 wood bridges on the 9 mile powerline trail that take you to the edge of the St. Johns river. Look for alligators, snakes and various types of Florida wildlife during the ride. If it has rained there are several low areas that will make you contemplate turning around. There is a $2 pp entry fee (honor system) into the area.

Orlando Ocala Loop - Medium+ 150 Mi

You have to like sand if you're going to ride in Florida. Medium+ sandy, mostly off road ride. Meet at the Cracker Barrel in Altamonte Springs (just north of Orlando). Pavement ride 10 miles to Seminole forest WMA. Follow the route and ride the Ft Gates Ferry across Lake George ($5). Most of the dirt route is easy, medium jeep trails. The power line can be challenging. You will need to make 2 calls prior to the trip. #1) State Forest for the gate code at Seminole Forest (407-360-6675) and #2) Ft Gates Ferry (386-467-2411) to confirm it is operating.…

Somewhere Else Tomorrow: Daniel Rintz
Gediminas Ci

Traveler, adventurer, and filmmaker Daniel Rintz, author of an award-winning adventure film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”, is back in the director’s chair. Having come home to…

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