Very difficult ride. Starting at black canyon and going over the whites. The typical woodcutter run traverses a steep canyon, this route splits north before the traverse and instead takes extremely steep downhills along the spine of a ridge. Not recommended to run in reverse, not sure its even possible.

North water crossing -- The Great River Gravel Ride 2017

A few years ago (2005) I attended a grave ride down in the Dubuque Iowa area. There were some really fun gravel roads and even a few minimum maintenance roads to add to the challenge. I had a great time at the ride and decided to try to put together one of my own. After doing a couple events and a lot of pre-riding, I had a good network of roads mapped out. I had been expanding my range and eventually got down in the Dubuque Iowa area onto some of the roads that were on Mike’s 2005 ride. One…

Riding the Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail - Part 1

The Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail is a 600+ mile route that starts at the Illinois/Wisconsin border near Galena IL, and finishes northeast of Cornucopia Wisconsin at Lake Superior. This route has taken on theacronym ofT.W.A.T., so you may hear it being called that, I usually just call it the Trans Wisconsin Trail. The T.W.A.T. was designed for dual sport and Adventure style motorcycles but it can also be done by highclearancevehicles with a slight route change. Be prepared for DEEP sand, ruts, mud, dust, livestock in the road, horse and cow manure, deer, bears, porcupines, possums, turkeys, logs, low hanging…

Dirt Forever 2
Grand Canal Ride

Three riders an Indian (KTM Duke 200), British (Royal Enfield Himalayan) and Latvian (KTM Duke 390 [2017 model]). Interested part is that service road which goes parallel to the irrigation ditch/canal. 95% or more of it is dirt road. That part is very well visible on the map - look at "zig-zags". Editing done finally. Last week ride. Dirt Forever II – 'Grand Canal Ride' with Swati 🇮🇳 Mark 🇬🇧 and Aigars 🇱🇻 Date: 28 Oct 2017 6😵9 am Distance: 365.0 kilometers Elapsed Time: 8:59:23 Avg Speed: 40.6 km/h Max Speed: 145.3 km/h Avg Pace: 1' 28" per km Min…

Trans Mass trail 10-22-17 Hawk road north to south.
Trans-Mass Trail

This is version 2 of Trans Mass Trail. Original track made by advrider.com userHulked Up. I uploaded edited version by Tnkrplt. If you wish to download both versions (North and Southbound routes and tracks) you can do it here.Both routes are fully navigable with turn by turn directions and all tracks are snapped to roads. There are a couple of minor reroutes courtesy of BaseCamp so they don't match original route 100%. For any update, road blocks and etc. please follow original advrider.com topic.

The lost art of navigation
Egle Gerai

There is no doubt that modern technologies make life (and travel!) easier. Adventure riding has been transformed since the dawn of the Internet and satellite…

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