Kaunas - Vilkija palei Nemuną 2018 06

Lengvas 50km prasivažiavimas tandemu nuo Kauno iki Vilkijos palei Nemuną. Pakeliui aplankytas Šilelis ir Kulautuvos miškas. Nors visur sausra, vandens rasti pavyko.

Dirt Forever 5 + Canal Ride 3

One day ride. I wanted to finish one route, but unfortunally i broke my gear shift lever. Mysore was quite close and it was saturday, so i went to KTM service in Mysore. This day i didn't finish that canal route to avoid go back and instead of this i explored new dirtroads which are service roads of irrigation canals in that area. There is still plenty of them left. 440 km done including approx. 100 on dirt road. Till Mysore I went with companion, all other part alone.

Smokey Mountain 500 Day 1 Green Track
Smokey Mountain 500

3 days in the Smokeys - backroads and dirt roads - motorcycle camping. SM500v7 - cleaned up some track errors, added a few waypoints, eliminated the "ride-arounds" for the tougher sections. Smokey Mountain 500 Facebook group.

Udupi Teaser
Udupi ride

I led one guy from Latvia to the Arabian sea beach in Udupi area. Exciting of this ride was only stretch thru Western Ghats with very twisted road and nice scenery. Of course roads near the sea (literally) also are amazing. My companion in homeland rides BMW K1600 or something like this. So, the road thru Western ghats was too hardcore-ish for him. He loves twisted European roads, but here they are different. On one hairpin he went straight instead or 180°. Thanks God, it wasn't even minor accident. Back we went on much easier road. PS rental bikes are…

Somewhere Else Tomorrow: Daniel Rintz
Gediminas Ci

Traveler, adventurer, and filmmaker Daniel Rintz, author of an award-winning adventure film “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”, is back in the director’s chair. Having come home to…

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