Georgia (Tbilisi-Shatili-Mutso)

Khevsureti is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. It's located on the north of Georgia, on the slopes of Caucasus mountain range. You can expect unforgettable sceneries and incredible riding experience by following this track. It starts in capital of Georgia-Tbilisi, trough an ancient fortified town of Shatili, very near Chechen border, and all the way to Mutso-one of the most rural settlements in whole Georgia. Note that you'll need two days to get there and back. Take some time, and visit Shatili, it's amazing!
162.24 km


Georgia Caucasus Tbilisi Shatili Mutso Khevsureti

Track comments

    Passionate adventurer, hard enduro racer

    • Start of track
      "Trip to Mutso - Day 1"

      Old Tbilisi Raion, Tbilisi, Georgia
    • Finish of track
      "Trip to Mutso - Day 1"

      Mutso, Dusheti Municipality, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia