Off Road Day - Charlie's Creek and lake gravel route

This is a nice loop starting and stopping in Buford, GA. Dual sport loop going straight up the highway to clayton Ga, then out to 76 to Charlie's Creek / Upper Hightower Rd. NOTE : when you are traveling up River Road off 76 you will get to Charlie's Creek before this route turns left. The Garmin software will not allow the route across the creek but that is the correct way. After crossing a few bridges on the gravel road you will see a turnout going straight into the creek on your left with a forest service sign. That is the correct way. Drop into the creek itself and go about 30 yards upstream, you'll see the other side of the trail. Keep following this (instead of the more northerly loop it shows off river rd) and you will connect back to this route again. If you stay straight on Charlies creek it will become Upper Hightower road and from you back out on why 76 further west. There are some trails off Charles creek. They can be either easy or pretty tough, depending on conditions. They are all out and back trails.
Second section of dirt is much easier and more relaxing than this above section. You will go down the paved road on the west side of lake burton (very nice curvy road - be careful of boat trailers cutting corners and blind driveways). At the south end of lake Burton you'll connect with the dirt road that goes around the backside of Lake Seed and Lake Rabun. Super easy road with higher car traffic but really pretty. Minihaha Falls is off the backside of Lake Rabun and you will pass right by the parking area and trail up to the falls. Worth the few hundred yard walk but the sign for the trail is pretty small. Keep an eye out for it, you'll see the wooden railing going up the side of the hill. Trail will be on right and parking area just a wide spot on the left. Nothing on this road is difficult but very scenic. If you make it through Charlie's creek this second section will be a breeze.
Could also be done in reverse for the easier sections first.
301.97 km


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      "Trucks off road trip charlies creek - Day 1"

      Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA
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      "Trucks off road trip charlies creek - Day 1"

      Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA
    • Buford Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia, USA
    • Clayton Clayton, Rabun County, Georgia, 30525, USA