My most epic ride of 2018

2 days ride•2 bikers •2 river crossing on the bikes•2 river crossings on the boats + 1 night camping.
Just 8 days ago I explored new amazing roads and sights. That day i also fount that boat ferry over Kaveri river. I saw locals crossing on a boat. They had small bikes which in Baltics bikers snobbishcall mopeds. My bike is heavier and by friends bike heavier then mine. But the idea born that i want to cross and go into a wild. So, after 8 days we are there again, crossing river and ..... took "wrong" way which was mega cool adventure with a bit pain in the as*. We haven't proper enduro/adv bikes, so you can see on video how we were struggling there. But it was f***g cool.
I will upload 2 videos: Episode 6 (when i discovered ferry) and Episode 7 when we went for the ride.
No photos this time because video is my passion now.
I couldn't upload video coz' site's glitch i guess - it told that youtube link is not right.
I am sharing links here.
Episode 6 (ride before this)
Episode 7 (THIS RIDE)
PS> I have also long video version (19 minutes) of this ride:
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