East Coast 50 mi - Easy

Easy 50 mi ride with only 16 miles of pavement. If you begin the ride from the south you will cross the Max Brewer Mem. Bridge. When crossed look for the entrance to the preserve. It's a hard-packed shell roadway that has numerous twists and turns. When you come to an intersection just keep turning right and it will take you back onto the pavement. If there is a rocket on the pad at the cape this area will be closed. When you exit ride 3 mi east to the check point ($5) and enter Bio Lab Road. Another shell road. Exit that area riding north 13 miles of 2 lane pavement till you turn south onto unpaved streets. Not scenic but plenty of dirt going south.
79.01 km


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    Ride XR650L & XR200. Always looking for an off road adventure

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      "EAST COAST 50 Mi"
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      "EAST COAST 50 Mi"