Citrus WMA, Challanging, Sandy with Elevations

Approx. 1.5 hours west of Orlando is the Citrus Wildlife Management Area. This is a great place to ride if your looking for an adventure. While there are hard-packed roads where you could ride a big GS or Ducati, there are areas with clay pits, 12' banked jeep trails, sugar sand and mud pits that will test your skills. A 650 or less is advisable. This area is popular with Jeeps so you may see a line of 10 rambling along the trails. I didn't get a chance to take pictures or video, but check out "Citrus Jeep Trails" on youtube and you will get the idea. Your bike will need to be street legal to ride in this WMA.
53.65 km



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    Ride XR650L & XR200. Always looking for an off road adventure