Let's start with an introduction of yourselves and how the two of you met.

We are a couple of adventure riders from Vilnius, Lithuania. We share the great passion for traveling and therefore it’s been already a year since we left Lithuania on a world-wide-ride on our motorcycles.

We met each other thanks to motorcycles too :) We were both already enjoying life on 2 wheels separately until eventually, we found out that these adventures, when shared with a loved, one are even better!

What does an average day in your life look like?

We wake up in a place we haven’t woken up ever before, hop into a shower, a river or a lake (whichever is available), then find something for breakfast, do some urgent stuff online or around the motorcycles (if there is any urgent stuff to do) and then get on the bikes for the day’s ride.

While riding we stop for pictures, launch the drone in beautiful places and then stop somewhere for lunch. After lunch, we usually ride some more. In the evening, depending on where we have arrived, we either cook dinner in our camping place, hang out with other travellers in hostels or established campgrounds, or meet the locals and explore the new city.

Do you think travelling with a partner makes the journey more fulfilling?

Absolutely! We both can be sure that there’s always someone we

can trust completely, someone who will always be there. We can share the excitement and the joy adventure brings us with one another and can help each other in sticky situations. We use Scala Rider helmet intercoms and therefore can share our impressions as we go, discuss the things that we like or dislike about the country we are traveling through and keep each other entertained if the road gets too long and boring.

And we split responsibilities, so we both can do something we are good at and be sure that the other one will take care of the rest. For example Asta is good at languages and communicating with people and can convince a police officer to let us go without paying a fine (on rare occasions when we get caught doing something wrong :)) or can find friendly locals in various places who can help if we are in need, while Linas can disassemble motorcycles and put them back together with his eyes closed, so he does an amazing job keeping them both in an excellent shape.

Having a right person to share your journey with is an amazing thing!

Something most people wonder about: How have you funded your trip around the world?

There’s no magic in that: it’s our savings. Having some great companies as our partners also helps a lot, as we get to use great riding gear and don’t have to spend a fortune on spare parts for motorcycles. And we also get small amounts of money donated to us by some lovely people who enjoy following our adventures or maybe simply like us :)

We have a strict philosophy about our spending while on the road. We use every opportunity available to spend as little as possible while maintaining the minimal amount of comfort and safety and keep track of every cent we spent to be sure we will have enough to return home eventually :)