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Border crossings are probably the most notorious, anecdotal, and dreaded part of overland travel. The bad news is, they just can’t be avoided. But the good news? Border crossings in South America are among the least complicated, and with the right preparation and attitude, you can breeze through them in no time at all!


Earth-Roamers is a father and son team who place their passion for travelling as a number one priority. They have ridden far and wide, for more than 120,000 km, without a concrete route while letting their wanderlust lead the way. On March 6th, 2016, a 19 year old Mike became the youngest person to have circumnavigated the world on a motorcycle.

They had hardships and difficulties on the road but none of it diminished the joy of travelling.


2wheeledadventures are two Lithuanian motorcycle riders who, in their own words, are chasing summer around the world. Using the power of social media, Linas and Asta have shared their passion for riding with the community. They’ve given back to the community by sharing information on how they built their Instagram following, how to ship motorcycles from Canada to Russia, and just their thoughts on the current place they are in.


There is no doubt that modern technologies make life (and travel!) easier. Adventure riding has been transformed since the dawn of the Internet and satellite navigation: finding your way around the world is now practically effortless. Invest in the newest GPS unit, set your route, and go. But is navigation really that simple?


Riding out into the unknown is great fun, especially when you come across tracks that let you forget about everything else, apart from twisting that throttle and sticking the rear out. But we do use our own navigation systems in order to find such places and sometimes, to head back to where we came from, unfortunately. Work ties, family ties, friends - they all do a pretty damn good job of pulling us back into civilisation!


Norman Pedrini is from Switzerland. He’s been riding motorcycles since he was 16. He recently went on a trip through the Balkans on the African Twin XRV 650, a bike that is reliable, durable and proven to be great for adventure touring. It also as a powerful and rugged look to it. Norman identifies himself as a nomad and continues to conquer the world on his Beast.


Trans America Trail, a system of ADV tracks leading from the East Coast all the way to Oregon, is a classic bucket list item for many adventure riders. We rode it the other way - West Coast to New York - but whichever way you do it, make sure you're up to the task!

A five-thousand mile stretch across the continent on back country roads, off-road ADV tracks and mountain passes can sound like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and attitude, it can be a dream ride.


We adventure motorcyclists are a gregarious lot, when not bouncing down a trail, we are invariably talking about and researching the next one. Thankfully, the mobile technology needed to plot and record such journeys has kept pace with the sales boom of dual sports motorcycles.


Mladen Jankovic is a rider on ADVTracks, and he is a bit of a Renaissance Man. Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, Mladen has always been building his dreams. In addition to his love for motorcycles, he is a photographer, musician, free diver, and entrepreneur.

He has ridden through Europe, Caucasus, and the Himalayas. While riding through Mongolia, he came up with the idea to build a resilient and tough equipment for motorcycles. Out of the harsh and rugged Gobi Desert, TENGRIpro, the saddlebag built for adventures, was born.

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